Living Green In Apartments

More apartments building are going green. This is in NY Houston is not far behind!


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A-List Apartments For Rent In Midtown Houston

apartment in Houston

(Photo courtsey Google images)

How we measure an A-list apartments for rent in Midtown Houston my not be the same way it is done in Austin, Los Angeles or even New York. So we are laying out all of the facts, on what really makes an apartment worthy of being on our A-list.

Some of the top things we look for in an apartment before we give it a fave status on our A-list are: convenience, location and affordable units. Their are plenty of reasonably priced apartments that are located outside of the city limits. That’s a strike against them for convenience,.

There are other properties we consider magnificent that exude a ritzy charm for rent located near the heart of Midtown Houston and Downtown, that are priced higher than the lips on a grumpy giraffe. Strike! We don’t mind paying for convenience and classy amenities, but we don’t take kindly to being overcharged, because you think we don’t know that rental prices in the city are dropping.

Convenient Houston Apts

For any rental unit to be considered convenient it needs to pass the un-test. It can’t be unsafe, unkempt, or have unfriendly staff or neighbors. It could be next door to our favorite place to dine, drink and where we do our shopping and we wouldn’t dare live there.

Best Location To Live In H-town

The most desirable locations in town is the housing that is located inside of the 610 Loop. There is no question about it. Now, that the rising gas prices are soaring out of sight, everyone want to live in rental property that is centrally located in Houston. It is something of utmost importance to anyone who occasionally spends time driving around the city to meet with clients, cousins or their counsel.

Affordable Apartment Communities Houston Tx

The affordable apartments for rent in Houston are what other parts of the country would be considered dirt cheap. We have an abundance of these reasonably priced apartments, town-homes and lofts that would cost twice as much to live in anywhere outside of the Southern U.S.

We don’t mind paying a little extra for amenities like a clubhouse with a theater, dog walks and swimming pools. We just don’t want to rent a studio apartment and be charged like we are buying on a country club estate.

A-List Rental Properties

The A-list apartments for rent in Midtown Houston that we favor range in price from $500 to $2500. They are located close to the city’s largest employment centers, i.e. the Texas Medical Center and Downtown District.

Some of the zip codes inside of Loop 610 that we favor are 77002, 77004, 006, 007, 008, 010, 021. This where you will find decent apartments that are close to the top public schools, (Debakey High School For Health Professions) colleges and universities (Rice University) in Houston, the state and the country.

The surrounding neighborhood definitely has to have an ample supply of recreational outlets (Hermann Park Municipal Golf Course) and entertainment venues (Toyota Center) with in close proximity.

You can’t beat the mix of awesome apartments on our A-list. It is loaded with apts that are convenient and affordable for you to live, learn and spend your leisure time.

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Why You Need A Locating Service To Find Apartments In Houston ?

Young femal on the telephone at work

Reduce your wait and move up your move in date!

It’s free to get details on Houston apartments for rent. Why would anyone need to go through a locating service? You don’t, if you have plenty of time on your hands, because you’ll have to go from website to website or drive from place to place while apartment hunting. If you decide not to use a convenient, free, online apartment search service.

For those people that don’t like wasting time and would rather spend their time doing better things, using an online apartment search is a no-brainer. We’ll share with you some tips on how to spot a good apartment locating services in Houston and savvy ways to use a locating service to help you find the latest information on discounts, so that you can reduce your cost and get moved into a new apartment anywhere in Houston fast.

FAQ’s About Finding Apartments In Houston

All that you need, is a few bits of information about the type of apt you want. This helps to narrow the search only to the places that are the best fit for your budget, lifestyle and the location/locations where you want to live.

You’ll get details about the apartments in Houston, hassle-free
No red tape to disqualify you
You don’t have to sign away your life
You don’t need a credit card
You don’t have to reveal your social security number

Many of the apartments for rent on our list have special offers. If there are any move in specials, discounts or price incentives you’ll be able to find them listed on sites we recommend.

There are several advantages of using some services over others.
The amount of information they allow you to view.
The number of apartments they have to offer.

We favor services that will help you move for free or obtain a rebate on your apartment. Our mission is to save you time and money by providing some of the key details to help you decide which apt for rent you want to visit, when you’re looking for that perfect apt.

A-List Apartments In H-Town

The apts presented on the list represent the best rental housing in Houston. They are located in some of the most desirable neighborhoods, close to large employment centers and near some of the best schools in town.

If you are still unsure about which apartment locating services knows the most about Houston, let me do a little name dropping of some of the places that you may have heard about.

Rice Lofts– a former downtown Houston hotel that is now used as loft space. It houses ones of the favorite place Houston brides choose for their wedding receptions, the Crystal Ballroom which features 30-foot ceiling, a restored mural, crystal chandeliers and an outdoor terrace with breath taking views of downtown.
Lofts At The Ball Park– walking distance to Minute Maid Park, George R Brown Convention Center.
Parque Del Oro– A good place to run into a few of the Houston Texans football players and staff during football season.
Fannin Street Station-Located on the Metro train line, walking distance to Reliant Stadium and close to Texas Medical Center.

In renters lingo, theses are a few of Houston’s A-list apartments. The creme de la creme of rental housing. These are the places where you’ll find some of the must have amenities that most renter’s place on their wish list.

Final Thoughts

How long would it take for you to visit three or four apartments in Houston and just look at the outside of the property to get a sense of the character of the community. About an hour per property. Add in another hour driving time each way and you can see that the time it takes just to look at the outside of an apartments can be astounding.

If you try the locating services that we recommend, it will save you time, money and take much of the hassle out of finding a quality apartment for you, your family.

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Houston Apartment Renters Resources

Houston apartment with xmas hat

Houston apartments share the holiday spirit

If you are among those Houston apartment renters that are fortunate enough to live in a comfortable apartment in Houston, don’t forget about our fellow Houstonians that are in need.
This year the Houston Apartment Association hasn’t. That are gearing up to collect goods for the annual “ Share Your Holiday’s” food drive in December.
The property management teams, companies, and volunteers will be collecting and delivering food. They are asking everyone including those who have participated in the past to help them again this year!

We at Houston Apartment Corner realize that with the current economic situation there are more and more families that are in need of help. So we are providing some information on local organizations that can help people you you if and when you find yourself in need of a hand.

  • The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
  • 719-659-5461

  • Catholic Charities
  • 713-874-6776

  • Chinese Community Center
  • 713-271-6100

  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • 713-739-7514

  • Disaster Housing Assistance Program
  • 866-497-6036

  • Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services
  • 713-270-0369

  • Emergency Aid Coalition
  • 713-522-5903

  • Humble Area Assistance Ministries
  • 281-446-3663

  • Interfaith Caring Ministries
  • 281-332-3881

  • Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
  • 713-667-9336

  • Memorial Area Assistance Ministries
  • 713-468-4516

  • My Brother’s Keeper
  • 281-498-9933

  • St. Vincent’s House
  • 409-763-8521

  • Wesley Community Center
  • 713-223-8131

  • Texas Health and Human Service Commission
  • 2-1-1

  • United Way
  • 713-957-4357

  • West Houston Assistance Ministries
  • 713-977-9942

    These are some of the local organizations in Houston are places that assist families living in apartments in times of need with various forms of assistance : utility payment, rental assistance, food pantry resources and/or other household expenses.

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    Uptown Apartments


    images courtesy Google images:FAb Kitchen

    One of the best places to live in Houston is Uptown apartments. They are only a few miles from downtown, situated between it and the suburbs. It’s an chic urban neighborhood that’s full of swank apartments, fashionable places to shop and fab dinning. The community is humming with excitement day and night. Native Houstonians may remember this area by it’s old school name the Galleria.
    free online apt search

    Rebates and discounts on Houston apts

    If you’re preparing to move anywhere in and around Houston or just interested in learning more about other apts, townhouses and condos in Uptown and other areas follow the link above to get free information on discounts and rebates on them.

    Some of the things that make living in Uptown Houston apartments so inviting are:

    Ample amenities
    Fitness centers
    Swimming pools
    Great security

    Another plus that bears mentioning is that the area’s apartment buildings have some of the most stylish exteriors in the city.

    Upscale Living In Houston

    If you favor upscale apartment living, then there are several types of housing available in this area that should be on your must see list. You can find luxury lofts, condos townhomes and high-rise building with panoramic penthouse views.

    The area is easily accessible by several of Houston’s main expressways, local bus service and Metrorail train service is currently being planned. When you live in Uptown/Galleria, it’s a short jaunt to everywhere.

    woman walking dog

    Huge pedestrian friendly boulevards

    The neighborhood has a flagship mall “The Galleria” with plenty of brand name retailers like Neimans, and Abercrombie and Fitch. You can experience fine dinning at steak houses, seafood restaurants or enjoy a casual meal at charming Italian, Indian, Greek and other cuisine at eateries that are on just about every block in the area.

    Places To Live In The Uptown/Galleria Area

    seniors playing WII

    There are several retirement communities in the area

    If you take a look at Houston apartment corner’s list of the best places to live it will give you an opportunity to find an affordable apartment for rent in the area where you can immerse yourself head first into the sophisticated Uptown apartment scene.

    Some of the Uptown apartment communities have a lot of singles and young couples, while others are laid back multi-family complexes. Here’s a short list of a few of the best places to live in Houston that you can check out using the free online apartment

    woman walking dog

    images: Google images


    Woodway Square
    Mirage Apts
    Alexan Post Oak

    Some of the Uptown apartment housing styles available in addition to the multi-family units include six (30-plus stories tall) luxury towers. There are 30,000 plus residents in the community and a high apartment occupancy rate that’s always around 90 percent and above.

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    Houston Apartment Locators That $ave You Money

     map of Houston apt communities

    Map of Houston apartments

    Have you tried using Houston apartment locators to assist you with finding that apartment you have been dreaming about?

    These services were once only affordable to the rich and famous, but there are some that are free for everyone. They help you to search online through thousands of Houston apartments and they’re available 24/7 for you to use.
    You will get to see pictures of lots of apartments in Houston, apt floor plans, virtual tours, pricing, and even current specials, with just the click of a mouse.

    If you’re planning to move to Houston or live here and don’t have a bunch of time to waste driving all over town, you’re going to love the convenience of apt hunting online using an apartment locating service.

    Move Free To Thousands Of Houston Apartments

    Houston Apt Corner recently discovered UMoveFREE. They’re the top dogs when it comes to helping people searching for Houston apts save money, because they have an experienced and professional team of licensed real estate agents. When you couple that with the fact that they are a company that’s dedicated to saving you some of the work, sweat and cash of moving into an apartment, using them as your Houston apartment locator is a no-brainer.

    Their free apt finding service covers everywhere from Midtown apartments Houston to Pearland, and includes all of the most sought after apartment communities in town and about 96% of all Houston apts.

    How To Search Online For An Apartment In Houston

    If you have never used on online apartment search, here are some things you will need to think about to make locating your dream apartment faster and easier.

    1. What area of town do you want to live in?
    2. What are some of the zip codes for the apartments in Houston you like?
    3. If you know the names of some of the apartment complexes it can be helpful, but it’s not important to your search.
    4. How much per month do you plan to spend on an apartment.
    5. How much sq footage do you need ?
    6. How many bedrooms will your need?
    7. Which amenities (pools, security, fitness center ect.) are important to you?

    The UMoveFREE Houston apartment locators online database is a fabulous tool that let’s you plug in you preferences and other information to instantly give you a list of places that meet your criteria.

    Who Qualifies For Free Apartment Locating Services

    Everyone can use UMoveFREE Houston Apartment locators service.
    There is no secret formula or club to join. But, you can only get the fantastic deal to move free, if you use their online search services before you have signed a lease or rental agreement on an apartment.

    Once you have used the free online Houston, TX apartment locating service you will be amazed and delighted at how fast and easy it really is to find a great apartment in Houston, just make sure you tell a few of your friends about the Houston Apartment Corner and the helpful information they can find here.

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    Apt Moving and Packing Tips

    If you’re planning to pack up and move into a new Houston apartment soon, it can be a pleasant experience and not end up like the family from England, that had to turn their moving truck around when they realized they left their parrot in the old house.

    It’s to your advantage to take a few seconds to review these fantastic tips on cleaning, packing and moving taken form other peoples experience who were in the same boat. I grabbed a few of them from Youtube and other places around the web, to help prevent some of the frustrations from moving out of and into your new apartment.

    Cleaning Up Your Pad on Moving Day

    If you want to get your deposit back on your Houston apartment you need to spend some time cleaning each room, doing more than just a once over of the apartment. You should go room by room starting with the floors and clean with an eye for detail. Here’s a Youtube video with some practical cleaning tips for apts to give you some food for thought..

    How To Cut Cost When Moving Out Of An Apartment

    Everybody can’t afford to hire a moving company. Or if you’re like me, a reformed cheapskate, (although I still do most things myself) here are a few ways to cut cost when your moving out of an apt.
    Pack and load your own stuff and pay just for the delivery truck.
    Buy used boxes and packing material.
    Have a yard sale to get rid of stuff you never use.
    Donate gently used items to charity.
    Keep all of the receipts.
    Deduct your move and donations on your taxes.

    My brother is a cheapskate and I got these tips for cutting moving cost from him.

  • Throw away anything/everything that you borrowed and can’t return to the rightful owner.
  • Borrow a pick-up truck from a friend or relative
  • Throw a move my furniture party
  • Invite a few friends to help you move that will accept IOU’s
  • Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Kool-aid to keep the workers energized
  • Get rid of anything that’s too big or left over after you load up one truck and one car.
  • Packing Up Your Apartment

    Even if you’re hiring a moving company there are some things that you should pack yourself. To get the 411 on packing for a move, take a listen at the helpful advice in this short video.

    Saving Money On Your Move

    To learn more ways to save money when you’re moving out of a house or apts in Houston, the good people at came up with six cost saving tips for moving that cover truck rental, utilities and address change, storage and more.

    Organizing Your Stuff

    For more apt moving and packing tips including a checklist with helpful websites and telephone numbers visit The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
    Martha Poage moved her family nine times in eleven years, and has pulled together lots of practical advice in her book The Moving Survival Guide: All You Need to Know to Make Your Move Go Smoothly it’s a handy tool for those of us who seldom move.

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